Membership Fees 2019/20 - £56.00 per annum

At the Annual General Meeting held on 17th April 2016 the Treasurer recommended that the annual subscription be increased by £5.00 per annum to cover the additional cost of our insurance premium. However an additional payment of £3.00 per annum will be charged for any subsequent names allocated to the plot.

The annual subscription is broken down as follows:

• £43.00 (water)
• £  8.00 (insurance)
• £  2.00 (rent)
• £  3.00 (NSALG membership)
• £  3.00 (per additional name if applicable)

Members are reminded that subscriptions are due within one month of the Annual General Meeting otherwise a penalty will be enforced.

These charges were agreed unanimously at the AGM.

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