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Joe Scollen (Hon Secretary)

Joy Rochester Beetroot Chutney
Joy Rochester Beetroot Chutney

This recipe was kindly supplied by Joy Rochester (Plot 7)

Beetroot Chutney
(Makes 2 medium sized jars)

10oz Cooked Beetroot – grated
5oz Onion – chopped or grated
9oz Cooking Apples – peeled & grated
1 ½ oz of Demerara sugar
1 pinch of dried ginger or Ό teaspoon of fresh ginger finely chopped and crushed.
80ml Malt Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar may be used
1 teaspoon of salt
OPTIONAL – 1 large clove of garlic finely chopped. 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

This recipe needs to be cooked in a stainless steel or non-corroding type pan. Aluminium pan to be avoided as the acid content is high.

Mix all ingredients together in a pan make sure you have at least 1inch from the top to allow for froth. Bring to a strong boil stirring regularly cover and simmer for 30 to 40minutes stirring occasionally.

Use Jars that have an anti-tamper vacuum (dimple) type of lid. The lids and jars must be washed, rinsed and sterilised at 120 degrees for 30minutes. When chutney is cooked, put into jars and seal while hot.


Rhubarb & Apple Chutney
Rhubarb & Apple Chutney
Not just for puds, seasonal rhubarb makes an delicious tart chutney to accompany cheese, oily fish and roast pork.

Ingredients to make 3 x 500ml jars:

300ml cider vinegar
400g brown sugar
300g raisins
2 inch piece ginger, grated
1 orange, juiced
Large pinch allspice
800g rhubarb, washed and chopped
2 Bramley apples, peeled and chopped


Put all the ingredients except the apple and rhubarb in a large pan with 1 tsp salt. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, and then boil for 10 minutes. Add the apple and rhubarb then cook gently for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Decant into sterilised jars (wash in hot soapy water and dry in a warm oven) and store in the fridge until required. The longer it’s left the better it will taste.

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