Hall Street Allotments Association
Policy Statement Concerning Fires on the Site

All plot holders are reminded of the role of Durham County Council in enforcing environmental legislation concerning smoke control orders and pollution. All greenhouses heating systems must use smokeless fuel. Failure to do so constitutes a criminal offence punishable by a substantial fine which is the individual's responsibility. The allotment association accepts no responsibility for any person in breach of the law.

The burning of weeds and garden rubbish is permitted and no offences are committed by doing so. However plot holders should be aware that the issue of garden fires is the single most common cause of complaint from the housing which surrounds the site on all sides. To minimise and remove cause for complaint plot holders are advised to observe the following guidance:

• Do not start fires on sunny days when it might be expected that nearby residents will be in their garden sunbathing, playing, drying washing and the like.

• Do not start fires on very windy days which will keep the smoke at a low level over a larger area.

• Do not burn green/wet waste which produces dense acrid smoke.

• Consider disposing of rubbish at the waste disposal site on Station Road, Seaham. A declaration that the waste is household waste is all that is required to ensure access.

• Under no circumstances burn plastic, bitumen or other items which produce toxic dense smoke. This may constitute a criminal offence.

• When considering burning garden waste your first thought must be how this will affect my neighbours.

• Plot holders are reminded that they are individually responsible for their actions and that repeated nuisance fires could lead to action from Durham County Councils Environmental Department and criminal charges at the very worst while at a lower level Seaham Town Council and or the Association may require repeated offenders to be removed from the site.

This policy statement has been prepared for allotment holders on the Hall Street Allotments following repeated complaints from our neighbours.

Remember each individual plot holder is responsible for their own actions.

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